About Beadwork

The fine and delicate beadwork you see in these photos can be better appreciated once you understand the labor intensive work involved.

Each purse or pillow design is sketched out on paper, and then a color scheme is determined. That image is traced onto 100% cotton fabric. The fabric is stretched over an embroidery hoop. Then it's off to the bead store to do some shopping. Savilla finds the most ideal seed beads, crystals and semi-precious stones for the project at hand. Once she has all the supplies she needs, she treads a beading needle with clear thread and starts to sew.

Each bead is individually sewn onto the fabric. The beads follow the shapes and curves of the drawing. It takes one hour per square inch. Once the final bead is sewn, it must be made into a purse or pillow.

Fabric for the back side of the purse and for the lining is chosen. A zipper or other closure, and a strap is added. Savilla prefers to line the purse with silk. She adds a small pocket on the inside where she places a penny bearing the year of completion. She feels that it's good luck to place a penny inside a purse which you plan on giving to someone; a small act of good manners which she learned from her mother.

Purchasing Inquiry

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