Artist's Bio

Savilla started drawing and painting at age two. Her mother said she began by drawing very detailed shoes, then she would work her way up to the head by drawing ornate clothing. Perhaps she was born to be a fashion designer? Savilla graduated high school with honors and she was the first recipient of "The Most Outstanding Fine Arts Student of the Year" award. She began taking college courses at age 15.

A graduate of SUNY College at Buffalo, she majored in Arts and minored in English and Education. Savilla studied painting at The University of Siena, Italy where she also learned to speak Italian.

She enjoys a variety of artistic techniques from sewing delicate beads to soldering metals.

When asked, "What inspires you?" Savilla doesn't have an answer. "Everything and nothing" Does that make sense? Inspiration and creativity comes from so many places, and it's hard to come up with a definitive answer. The idea to create a painting can not be contrived or forced. It is an idea that enters her mind, and she paints simply because she must.

The paint media she prefers is acrylic on canvas. Some of her peers believe that her mind works too fast for oils. Oil paint takes days to dry. With acrylic, she can add layers within a few minutes. She also likes brilliant colors and smooth lines. Many of her paintings are small in size, although she does occasionally paint large pieces.

Although she prefers freehand drawing, Savilla was hired several times to use computer graphics for design companies. She has made sketches for price lists, drawing for hang tags and various advertising. She is also skilled in Photoshop and photo correction/enhancement.

Purchasing Inquiry

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