nce upon a time, there was a very tall, extremely skinny fifteen year old girl named Savilla. Much to her dismay, she didn't look like the other girls. All of her friends were wearing tight jeans, because that was the style. She looked everywhere for jeans that would fit her skinny legs, but there was no hope.

Savilla had an idea. She took a pair of her size 1 jeans (which were too big), and got to work. She dusted off her grandmother's old sewing machine, and began taking them in to fit her little stick legs. It was at that moment she discovered why she was put on this earth. She found out how much she enjoyed sewing and creating new styles.

Savilla went to university and graduated with a BA. She worked for a lingerie company as a designer. There she learned how to make patterns, and grade them to fit small or large sizes. Eventually, she started her own business designing swim wear for models, fashion shows, and people who just wanted to have something different than the cookie cutter suits found in stores.

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